Fighting Invasive Plants

Some plants may look beautiful, but they can have a devastating effect. Non-native and invasive plants affect human health, economics, forest ecology and recreational interests. The North Shore is fortunate to have not experienced the invasions other parts of the state have. However, that does not mean we are immune. We need your help to keep invasives from spreading.

Sugarloaf is working to help you control and prevent invasives along the North Shore.

Community Forest Restoration Shed Invasive Control Supplies

During the summer, the US Forest Service offers invasive species control training at Sugarloaf Cove. Participants are taught how to identify terrestrial invasive plants and then provided with the correct herbicide if needed.

Watch this site for information about 2023 training classes or sign up for our email updates from the home page.

Equipment for the shed was purchased with the assistance from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation’s Sustain our Great Lakes grant, Cook County SWCD and the US Forest Service. Trainings are in partnership the U.S. Forest Service.


Invasive Plant Identification and Treatment

Native plant sources

Commercial Sources

Government Sources