Visit Sugarloaf

Due to COVID-19 and the “Stay Safe Minnesota” Order, we are asking visitors to stay safe & follow social distancing guidelines outdoors, while visiting Sugarloaf Cove. CDC states to avoid groups larger than 10 and stay 6 feet apart to help slow the spread of COVID-19. It’s important for the safety of everyone that we are not gathering in groups on the beach or elsewhere during this time.  The building will remain closed for the year.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support. Stay safe friends!

$5 per vehicle parking area fee.

Become a member for free parking. 

Thank you!

Visit our Interpretive Center

The interpretive center, in a simple log building, awaits you for an informative visit.

Browse through exhibits on the history and ecosystem of Sugarloaf. Pick up an interpretive book or a cold beverage. Talk with our staff and volunteers about Sugarloaf and the North Shore.

Or participate in one of our fun and educational programs. Throughout the year we offer programs about everything from geology to wildlife. We offer special programs for landowners about North Shore forest restoration, including invasive species prevention and removal and tree planting.

spruce balsamforestHike the Trails

At Sugarloaf Cove, you’ll find an easy one-mile interpretive hiking trail. Just grab a Sugarloaf trail guide and start walking!

The trail winds through the forest and over 1.1 billion year old rocks. Enjoy the trees, birds and wildflowers, and then take in breathtaking views of Lake Superior and scenic Sugarloaf Point. Spend some time at the beach, examining the polished rocks left behind by glacial ice and savoring the sound of waves rolling across the cobblestones. Then discover the hidden secrets of Sugarloaf Creek and remnants of the logging era as you follow the trail back to our visitor center.

Our older, longer trail guide booklet is available HERE.