North Shore Geology Exploration Weekend

September 28, 2018 – September 30, 2018 all-day
Wolf Ridge ELC
6282 Cranberry Rd
Finland, MN 55603
Wolf Ridge ELC

Do you look for interesting rocks on every beach or gravel road and want to discover their story? Are you an agate or Thomsonite seeker? Do you wonder about all those rock faces you see as you drive heading north on Highway 61? If you answered yes to any of those questions, this adventure is just for you!

Explore the North Shore of Lake Superior’s fascinating geologic history, by picking rocks, sorting and figuring out who’s who in the rock world. Investigate key geologic features, figure out which way is up in ancient lava flows, and find out how geology connects to other natural features and events. We will learn the basics of recognizing the different rock types of the North Shore, decipher lava flows and all their layers, and visit a number of unique geologic sites. We will both hike and carpool to locations on Wolf Ridge’s main and Lake Superior campuses and to select locations along the North Shore. Rocks don’t mind being wet, so we will brave whatever Mother Nature dishes out for weather! There’s lots to see and explore on this geologic adventure.By the time you leave you will have a much better idea of how Lake Superior came to be, and you will be able to recognize all sorts of features along Highway 61. A trip up the North Shore will never be the same again, and you will know some of the stories in the stones.

See weekend details and link to registration.  (You will be taken to Wolf Ridge’s website to register)

Know someone who might want to join you, but isn’t as interested in geology? There are about a dozen or so different workshops taking place during this Fabulous Fall Weekend. Check them all out and bring a friend!

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