The Not-So-Common Common Tern

July 21, 2018 @ 10:00 am – 11:00 am
Sugarloaf Cove Nature Center
9096 MN-61
Schroeder, MN 55613

Restoration of Interstate Wildlife Management Area and Nesting Gull and Tern populations.

Interstate Island Wildlife Management Area is approximately 6 acres in size and located in the Duluth Harbor. The island was created from material that was dredged from the rest of the harbor in the 1930’s. Over the years, some topsoil has accumulated as well as some vegetation. Restoration work on the island is restoring the island’s elevation and a  more natural sand dune condition. This has created valuable nesting habitat for colonial nesting birds including the not so common, Common Tern, which is now a threatened species. Come and learn about the restoration process, and how the Tern colony is being managed to allow maximum success for these birds, as well as other nesting species.

$5 per person; $10 per family

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