Chainsaw Safety & Felling Training Level 1

June 15, 2023 @ 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Sugarloaf Cove


Do you want to learn how to safely use a chainsaw? Here is your chance. Sugarloaf is offering two chainsaw safety and felling classes at Sugarloaf Cove this June. Level 1 will take place on June 15, followed by Level 2 on June 16. You must attend Level 1 class to take the Level 2 class.

During the Level 1 class, on June 15, participants will learn about chainsaw safety and using proper felling techniques including:

  • Personal Protective Equipment, Why PPE is important and how it works. 
  • Safety features of the chainsaw, starting, holding, fueling, use of the gunning sight, and proper body mechanics when using the chainsaw. 
  • Working with others, controlling the cutting area.
  • The Mechanics of the tree, understanding the notch hinge, plunge cut, or bore cut and the back cut.
  • How to evaluate the tree, live or dead, and the five felling rules.

After lunch we will go out into the woods for hands-on instruction.

Participants should bring their own equipment and PPE if they have it. If you do not have equipment, the instructor will provide PPE and a chainsaw for your use during the class.

You should bring:

  • snacks if wanted
  • bag lunch (there will not be time to get to a restaurant for lunch)
  • water/beverages
  • weather and work appropriate clothing 


  • $150 Sugarloaf members
  • $180 non members (includes membership to Sugarloaf)



Instructor: Nathan Stanford, Forest Safety Instruction

Growing up in northern Wisconsin and Minnesota, Nathan Stanford has learned about the vital resources around him.  He’s enjoyed being a part of adult education for chainsaw training to help individuals and organizations manage their trees safely.

Nathan Stanford has been involved in the chainsaw safety industry since 1995. With a background in industrial safety management, he’s had the privilege to effectively train thousands of people building confidence and skill in a systematic approach to safety through hands-on training.


Nathan has been working for well over a decade with the best leaders in the industry. Nathan is one of a few certified annually by a nonprofit training organization: Safety and Woods Worker (SAWW) Training.  He’s also recertified by the US Forest Service Region 8 and 9 every three years. Through the US Forest Service as a C-certifier, Nathan’s an authorized professional consultant.