Bird Detectives Walk at Lutsen SNA

June 22, 2018 @ 7:30 am – 10:00 am
Lutsen Mountain Inn
360 Ski Hill Rd
Lutsen, MN 55612
Margie Menzies

Who are the summer bird residents of the Maple Forest at the Lutsen SNA? Few birds are year round residents, most spend their winters to the south. What is their story? There’s a lot of nesting and breeding going on at this point in the summer. Who mates for life, and who’s a two timer? There’s a lot more going on in the forest that first meets the eye. Let’s explore and find out what’s happening in the bird world of Lutsen SNA.

Plan to meet in the parking lot of the Mountain Inn on Ski Hill Rd. on the way to the Lutsen Mountain Ski hill. Be prepared for about a half hour hike into the SNA through an unmowed trail that can be a bit damp in places. Bring water and snacks as needed, and be prepared for the insect inhabitants of the forest including mosquitos, ticks, and black flies! Tis the season!

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