Bird Banding Demonstrations


American Redstart

Saturdays in September and October,  7 am – 11 am

Take a much closer look at songbirds! We will be banding birds and monitoring the populations of songbirds that nest and travel through Sugarloaf Cove and adding to the growing research on North Shore birds. Stop in to learn more about the banding process and its importance in understanding the lifespan, movement, and productivity of songbirds. Weather permitting.

Donations gladly accepted.

Bird Banding Results 2012 to 2016

View the 2012-2016 report

2015 report

The 2015 season was the fourth year for banding at Sugarloaf Cove. For the first time this year we did some banding during the month of March to catch some of the winter Common Redpoll and Pine Siskin traffic at the feeders. The regular banding season began May 23rd and continued with banding happening weekly through the end of October for a total of 28 banding days.

View the complete report.

Bird Banding at Sugarloaf Cove – 2013 report

As of October 26, 2013 we had captured 776 birds with 51 species represented, banded 616 birds, and recaptured 160 birds (some birds on multiple occasions, see information below). During this season we captured and banded 7 new species for Sugarloaf (Black and White Warbler, Canada Warbler, Bay-breasted Warbler, Olive-sided Flycatcher, Eastern Wood Peewee, Connecticut Warbler, and Northern Flicker) bringing the ongoing species record for birds caught at Sugarloaf to 60.

View the complete report.

Bird Banding at Sugarloaf Cove – 2012 report

During the Summer of 2012, naturalist Margie Menzies banded birds at Sugarloaf Cove. By October 6 she had banded 49 species, of which 17 species were warblers! There were 390 birds banded with 55 recaptures.

View the 2012 Species List.

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